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    Terms of use - advertising site Krajánek.com
valid from January 1, 2014

Contact details:

Krajánek.com Bazar , Luke Barton , Žďárky č.p.1 , 549 37 , Czech Republic , Identification Number : 00770388 , VAT : CZ8104234974 , ÚOOÚ Reg number of the entity : 00047265 , identifier data box: ymmveb6 , natural person registered in the Trade Register kept by the at the Municipal Office Náchod under ev.č.360501 , Bank for payments in CZK Czech : 2900365602/2010 , Bank for payments in euro SR: 2900365602/8330 IBAN : CZ4120100000002900365602 , BIC / SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX , Head Bank for international Settlements and payments in foreign currencies: Fio banka, as, V Celnici 1028/10 , Praha 1 , hereinafter referred to as the operator .

General Terms of Use
General Terms of Use use the services of an advertising site Bazar Krajánek.com

Advertising allows the server to advertise , publish and search for the supply and demand of goods, services and other assets of individuals and business entities , hereinafter Users. Goods can only advertise very specifically , ie one color , shape, size and type.

Example: real estate agency may advertise their activities ( will buy your apartment , ... ) , but only in a category where it belongs exclusively only advertising a specific property .

! ! Prohibition applies regardless of Topování or fees for class! !

First Sale of counterfeits , copies , imitations

Second Prescription drugs , false or prohibited drug (medicines for weight loss medicines for erection , etc. )

3rd Cigarettes , tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse of any kind

4th Ads that violate or will violate the laws of Czech Republic

5th Duplicate advertising ( repeating the same ad )

Limitations of job offers !

What types of jobs will be lost and

At the same time , will be removed and user accounts - without warning ! !

First Position input or intermediary fee , deposit , and the like !

Second Erotic services of any nature

3rd Multi level marketing

4th Providing business contacts for commission

5th Make money watching ads on the Internet, mail, etc.

6th For more information , e-mail or phone

7th In the title and text of an advertisement shall not be mentioned : free, super works or offers a unique opportunity , earn , you get rich , you have little money , you want to earn some money and all similar texts .

Job advertisement must contain ! !

First Labor supply may only submit a duly registered company! !

Second In the heading of the advertisement must be made ​​to a specific position ( nothing to not insert title )

3rd Description of the advertisement must include a detailed job description (complete description of the job description , place of work , type of employment , length of employment , type of contract, required education, etc. )

4th pay

Restrictions on advertising throughout the marketplace Krajánek.com

First It is prohibited in the title and description of the advert enter an excessive amount of exclamation points , asterisks and similar characters that do not belong to the marketplace .

Second Title or text advertisement shall be written only by the capital letters (Caps Lock) or no highlighting. In the title or in the text of the advertisement must not be inserted phone numbers , e - mail addresses or HTML links and instructions.

3rd Do not use more than one ad the same day ( ie same title + picture + content , etc.). If you submit the same two ads is the older system marked as a duplicate and will be deleted .

4th Only load your photos , not downloaded from the Internet, etc. Each photo should not be larger than 500 kilobytes

If the server shows " banned " ad will be deleted without any obligation to compensate the user will receive the amount of the toll category , topování and other advantages advertisement. In case of repeated violation of the rules may be blocked from user account.

When you register in the system , each state is obliged to truthfully all information required by the mandatory (full name , full address , phone number, e - mail) . Other data are voluntary (unless stated otherwise).


II .

Operator reserves the right to make necessary changes in the advertisement, advertisement not publish or advertisement removed from the menu , if contrary to the laws of the Czech Republic , the terms of the advertising server Krajánek.com or morality .

The operator has the right to remove advertisement if the advertisement is placed in the wrong section , or can be moved to the appropriate category with regard to the text of the advertisement, or if the advertisement gives the impression that the user is another legal or natural person. The operator has the right to remove advert if you suspect that contradict the conditions advertisement advertising site Krajánek.com .

Embedded advertisement will be published free of charge for 30 days. If you delete the user will be sent a confirmation e - mail about the removal of the advertisement. Maximum number of inserted ads free per user is 100 pieces .


The user is aware that if they want to remove the advertisement before the time of publication, it must do so yourself by logging into your user administration and make the deletion of a specific advertisement .

Ads are automatically exported to partner sites , where they will reside for up to two years.

IV .

User Rating : for the purpose of evaluation and comments , enter comments and reviews service, product , if it has personal experience with the company , its work and services evaluated .

Anonymous reviews are not allowed ! The user has the right to appeal against the assessment , but if the authorization was granted , it must endure .


The operator only provides contact between the seller and the buyer assumes so no guarantees for the quality , origin , delivery , withdrawal, payment or fitness of goods and services offered . For the server operator is not liable in any way ! !

VI .

Operator is not responsible for the misuse of personal data by the users of the ad or obtained illegally encroaching on the website of a third party.

Operator is not responsible for the actions of users of server Krajánek.com , nor for the way the Server service Krajánek.com use . Also does not bear any responsibility for any misuse services server users or third parties. Furthermore Operator is not responsible for the unavailability caused by the Internet service provider .

Operator is not responsible especially for infringement of copyrights of third parties, infringement on personal protection, protection against unfair competition or the protection of industrial property , is not responsible for unauthorized interference with the reputation of legal entities .


The operator is not liable for damages that the user or third parties directly, indirectly or incidentally a result of or in connection with use of the services of an advertising site Krajánek.com . Not liable for damage that users or third parties as a result of the inability to use the services of an advertising site Krajánek.com , or in direct or indirect relation with this fact.


The operator declares that the management service advertising site Krajánek.com pays and will pay exerting maximum effort to minimize any potential risks.

IX .

The operator is authorized without user consent and even without prior notification service advertising site Krajánek.com modify, upgrade or cancel .


The operator of an advertising server Krajánek.com is entitled to disclose user data server , if it is necessary for the observance of the law or by judicial or administrative proceedings with the administrator, or against the trustee to protect and defend the rights or administrator that under the given conditions was protected the personal safety of users of the product manager , provided within this site or third parties.

XI .

Advertising server to display ads Krajánek.com provided by third party advertising companies . These companies may use information ( not including your name , address, e -mail address and telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you .


On the server upload Krajánek.com advertising in the official language of the country you're targeting . If you are in the country more official languages, then you can choose any of them. Also landing pages and sites must be in an official language of the target country.

Official language is Czech Krajánek.com server .


These conditions become effective upon their publication . Operator reserves the right to modify these terms at any time.


consent of the parties

Participant agrees to provide his name, surname , postal address, e - mail addresses and phone numbers , for the purpose of registration or submission only ad to the advertising server Krajánek.com . The operator of an advertising server Krajánek.com is also entitled to further process personal data for commercial and marketing purposes. Further, the Participant agrees that it 's advertising server Krajánek.com informed about their products and services and the products and services of third parties that are advertising server Krajánek.com in a contractual relationship, using the above personal data of subscribers , especially its address or electronic address.

Personal data shall be processed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The provision of personal data is voluntary. Personal data will be processed automatically or manually. Providing consent , the Participant may withdraw at any time , free of charge via e -mail : ne@krajanek.com . Note : The user who withdraws consent to the terms and conditions , you lose all data on the advertising server Krajánek.com and will not be able to advertise .

Processing of such data will terminate within a reasonable time , which corresponds to the technical and administrative resources.

Part of the ads will be the publication to contact the author ( e - mail , phone, county, city , and name) .



Copyright and Trademarks

Website content, as well as their general appearance, are copyrighted pursuant to Act No. 121/2000 Coll . , The Copyright Act, as amended and effective . The web site also contains illustrations of trademarks owned and / or authorized user of the operator . The operator is in compliance with the Act . No. 121/2000 Coll . Copyright Act (the Copyright Act ) shall be entitled to exercise proprietary rights in the Web site . Any use of the Site or any part thereof otherwise than in the cases expressly provided for by law , in particular their use in the form of dissemination, copying, imitation or treatment without the consent of the author as , respectively . trademark owner is prohibited.